Medicat's Interoperable Patient Health Records (PHR) Empowers Patients

Medicat EHR creates an interoperable Patient Health Record (PHR) for providers and their patients (also referred to as a Continuity of Care Document – CCD). The PHR empowers patients to play a more active role in understanding, accessing, and sharing their personal health information with providers in other clinics.

What is an Interoperable Patient Health Record (PHR)?

To enhance continuity of care, reduce medical errors, and ensure portability of relevant health information across providers and organizations using different EHR systems, the federal government has set interoperability standards that enable the sharing of certain health information. At this stage, conforming PHRs include Problems, Conditions, Allergies, Medications, Immunizations and Procedures.

Medicat automatically builds the PHR from health history or visit-specific information entered by the patient (through Medicat's Online Student Health Portal or Self Check-In kiosk) or by the provider during the visit. The updated PHR is immediately available to be printed, saved to an encrypted format and downloaded for the patient, or transmitted to another clinic or PHR clearinghouse accepting the standard format. Medicat clients may also elect to purchase a module permitting patients to create and download their own PHR from the Online Student Health portal. Medicat EMR also accepts standardized PHRs from other clinics.

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