Medicat, LLC Announces Patient Health Records (PHR) Capabilities

Medicat, LLC Announces Patient Health Records (PHR) Capabilities

Atlanta, Georgia, August 19, 2010: Medicat announces the availability of fully integrated Patient Health Record (PHR) capabilities for its clients and their patients. To enhance continuity of care, reduce medical errors, and ensure transferability of relevant health information across providers, the federal government has set interoperability standards (Continuity of Care Document - 'CCD'). At this stage, conforming PHRs include Problems, Conditions, Allergies, Medications, Immunizations and Procedures.

Medicat EMR 2011 automatically builds the PHR from health history or visit-specific information entered by the patient (through Medicat's On-Line Student Health Portal or Self Check-in kiosk) or by the provider during the visit. The updated PHR can be immediately available for secure patient access on the patient portal, or can be printed, saved to an encrypted format and downloaded for the patient, or transmitted to another clinic or PHR clearinghouse accepting the standard format. Medicat EMR also accepts standardized PHRs from other clinics.

Medicat's Total Solution eliminates paper forms, clipboards, streamlines workflow, saves significant staff time, improves safety and empowers patients.

Medicat, a national leader in EMR innovation, is the first college-health focused EMR to achieve CCHIT 2011 certification and the first fully integrated, single database total solution moving EMR "Beyond the Chart" toward its potential as a true Patient Healthcare Management System. Medicat provides over 150 national clients with the very best in EMR technology and unsurpassed client support services.