Medicat Featured by Elsevier

How businesses are integrating health content into their business practices and solutions.

Elsevier Newsletter September 2008, Vol 1, No. 3 -With Contribution from Medicat, LLC

September 2008 - The practice of healthcare has always been driven by the acquisition, evaluation, and delivery of information. And as today's technologies feed demand for quick and reliable information access, the growing use of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) presents tremendous opportunities throughout the healthcare industry. Medicat, LLC is one successful firm leading the way, providing innovative health information systems for colleges and universities of all sizes.

Through a licensing agreement with Elsevier, Medicat integrates access to world class medical content as part of its Clinical Decision Support for EMR. Featuring a pharmaceutical database, medical spellchecker, clinical advisor, patient education, and more from Elsevier, Medicat's Subscription Databases deliver exactly the information clients want in the electronic format that supports the efficiency and effectiveness they need.

Targeted to the college health community, Medicat's products meet the challenge of improving the quality and function of student health services, while also empowering their clients' role in public health, education and safety -- all with an emphasis on the powerful combination of quality technology and quality information. "Medicat's use of Elsevier content is the perfect example of how companies are tapping into the scope and excellence of our information resources to enhance the value of their offerings and deliver that value directly to their clients," says Mike Wisniewski, Director of Licensing and Business Development for Elsevier. It's a quality-driven, client-centric approach both groups plan to continue well into the future.

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